Large Guard Dogs

We couldn't solve the predator problem here in deep East Texas until we acquired large guard dogs. Foxes, no problem! Coyotes, no problem! Hawks, no problem! Not bad considering we were losing a bird or two PER DAY until get built heavy duty fences and had some trained large guard dogs to protect the animals. The fences now mostly just keep the dogs in. And then the dogs keep everything else that's not supposed to be there out. These dogs become useful as guard dogs when they get to be over 18 months old, and then they are priceless.

We have 6 farm dogs guarding our farm--
Reishi, our purebred Akbash male,
Rosie, our Great Pyr/Anatolian mix born on our farm female,
Angelica, with golden eyes who stays in Bird Acres,
Daisy, our sheep-guarding specialist,
Gingko, our young male still causing "teenage" mischief, and
arthritic old lady Lily Bell who still tries to keep up.

Rosie had her last two litters out in "Bird Acres" in a wooden house. Chickens wander in and out of Rosie's spot as much as Rosie will let them! The sire Reishi is absolutely stunning and the best guard dog we've ever had. The female is our Rosie, was the pick of the litter and has turned out to be a wonderful, even-tempered guard dog. We can put this pair in any pasture to watch our chickens or turkeys or sheep or pigs and know everyone will be safe. Rosie's "specialty" is watching for hawks. Our dogs are well-socialized, raised around everything on the farm. Getting these dogs that were bred to guard sheep to guard sheep and goats is easy. Dogs that have the temperament to guard poultry, now that's much harder.

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